Friday, September 4, 2015

Minions Birthday Party

On august was my middle child's birthday and he is all about The Minions at the moment... Who isn't really? They are funny and adorable, so I decided to make him a Minions themed birthday party and I knew had to start with something that will commit me to finish what I started soooo.... I started at the party invitations and sent them as soon as they were finished.
Here is how they turned out...

I printed all the details on a white paper and pasted it on the blue part.

After I was finished with the invitations I started building a cupcake holder. To make it, I used two pieces of pvc pipe and some thin cement board that we have left from some building project and then I wrapped all the pieces separately with colorful fabric that matched my Minions theme. I would love to be able to give exact measurements but I eyeballed everything so I hope the pictures help you get an idea of how I made it.

For the cake I decided this year that I was going to make a super cake! I must say that this was the first time I got my hands on fondant but I absolutely loved working with it... I think I found a new passion! In order to reproduce what I had in my head I had to start small... so I made a little prototype of  a Minion... it didn't came out to accurate but I just wanted to feel the fondant and decide if I was gonna be able to work with it... here is my tester Minion...

Interestingly enough I made a few rookie mistakes by running out this test...
1. Fondant melts in the fridge!!! I had no idea, but when my little guy here started to run down its colors I did my research and yeah... it melts in the fridge, so I had to keep all my minions in an air tight container.
2. I also found out that it dries out pretty quick so keep what you are not using covered or wrapped in cling film when you are working with it.
3. Your cake HAS to be room temperature when you cover it with fondant or the sugar will melt all over it. This was an absolute bummer!!!! It was the day before the party and I put out of the freezer the first layer cake, and I was so excited about it that I didn't wait for it to defrost, instead I covered it with the fondant straight away and low and behold my cake was melting in front of my eyes. I didn't know what to do but then I read somewhere that with the hair blow dryer you can actually fix it and so I did. It worked. It took and awful long time but it worked and I was able to save my cake. So...yeah, room temperature cake.
4. The cake has to be a dense cake... if it is spongy it will sink with the weigh of the fondant. I made a banana cake for this project which is pretty dense so I was good with that. I will post the recipe for my banana cake soon.
5. I read a lot about how to stack a two tiered cake and I found lots of ways to do it but I used my own. I put a big piece of PVC pipe, like the ones I used for the cupcake holder (may be 3 or 4 inches wide) and stuck it right in the middle of the bottom layer and then just let the top one sit on it. It worked pretty good.
Anyway... for being the first time working with it... I didn't do that bad. Everyone that saw it said it was gorgeous and my son was super impressed.

 Hope you enjoyed this post and please feel free to get as many ideas from it as you want. Leave me a comment if you have any questions.
See you soon...