Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sewing, Crochet and other crafty stuff

Hey Everyone! it's been a long time since the last time a wrote something and trust me I missed it greatly, but as a result of the involuntary negligence against my blog i found the time to make lots of pretty things that i can't wait to show you.
Thanks to all of you that have patiently waited for me to finally come up with something to post. Hope you enjoy what you see...
This beauties I made for Christmas. My nieces were thrilled with them. There is just something special about a rag dolly. They came up pretty good and they are the perfect size. I got the pattern from OhSewDolling.com some time ago but now I can´t open this site anymore, however I found the Etsy shop for this and many other patterns of beatiful rag dollies. OhSewDollin Etsy Shop
I have also been crocheting a lot, and though i am not designing yet i have been trying lots of patterns that I found online some free and some for a Price but have enjoyed all of them.
Check this Lacy V Shopping Bag by Cathy Phillips...
This bag turned up gorgeous and it is super easy to make, the pattern is very well explained and it makes a beautiful gift.
The one on the left has a base that i made with thin rope to give the base some sturdiness but the original base in the pattern is pretty straight and sturdy enough and comes out very neat. Great Pattern! and it's free!! you can find it in this link of her Ravelry shop
The flower is not in the original pattern and i hope i can make a tutorial for it soon, neither are the handles, i bought those at my local craft shop.
I also made this lacy espadriles or slippers. They are so comfortable to wear and with the bonus of the cord soles you can wear them out in the Street and not only as house shoes.
The blue ones i made without the pattern just by looking at pictures online but the orange ones i made with the original pattern from Crochet Craft Santini Blog and they came out way prettier and cute. You will find in her blog the most beautiful crocheted ítems ever!!! She is gifted for this craft. I have bought a few of her patterns and they are absolutely gorgeous! and the patterns have all the information and explanations you may need to complete the project.
This specific model of the orange slippers I made is Coral Lace Espadrilles by Ingunn Santini, and you can find the pattern for sale for the cord soles (absolutely great!)HERE.
Flowers, flowers and more flowers... can you tell i love flowers?
I made this very simple cowls, (the ones on the top) they are just very chunky yarn and a bunch of dc stitches and voilá! add a flower and you are ready to go.
The blue scarf is called Aquatic Blossom by Crochet Geek. It is absolutely beautiful and it looks hard to make but once you get a hang of the pattern then it just flows very easily and the final product is gorgeous. The original pattern calls for certain ammount of initial stitches but i found that this was to small for me so you just add a Little bit more if you find your self in the same position, as i said is very easy and it is gorgeous.
The Green scarf there comes from a website i absolutely leeerrrve!!! It is written by a very young girl but trust me when i tell you... she is gifted for crafts. Her website is Hopeful Honey and the model of the Green scarf in the picture is...Chunky Infinity Scarf by Olivia.
And last but definitely not least, for the ones with a sweet tooth like me... i finally learned how to make Eclairs!!! this récipe is very easy to follow and the result is absolutely perfect. The récipe for these delicious Ecalirs is by Anna Olson´s from her show Bake with Anna Olson. HERE is a link for the récipe
My people here go balistic everytime i say i am going to make these.
Well i hope you enjoy reading about what i´ve been up to all this time and hope also to encourage you to try any of this tested récipes and patterns.
See you soon...

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