Monday, March 30, 2015

How to Crochet a Double Crochet Stitch (English and Castellano)

Hi everyone!
I am bringing you today another tutorial on our series Crochet Basics.
The stitch I will be teaching you today is called the Double Crochet Stitch. In my experience, this is the most versatile stitch and the one that is more comfortable to wear if you are applying it to make clothes. All of the endless variations of this specific stitch are going to depend on where do you put the stitch in the project, but the actual way of doing it doesn't change.
I am hoping to bring you in the future a few of the variations that I am talking about, but for now, let's go back to basics and learn how to make a double crochet stitch.(video below written instructions)

Double Crochet Stitch Written Instructions
Yarn over the hook, insert hook through stitch from previous row, yarn over hook and pull through the stitch (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through 2 loops (2 loops left on hook), yarn over and pull through 2 remaining loops (1 loop left in hook). Double crochet done.

It is important to understand what you are doing because that will allow you to know where are you going to place the crochet hook next. For that purpose, I am going to show you a few pictures that show clearly which one is the next stitch. I hope It is easy to read for you as this is a crucial stitch to learn when crocheting.

Instrucciones del Punto Vareta
Montar la lana en el crochet, insertar el crochet a través de un punto de la fila anterior, monta la lana y jala a través del punto (3 vueltitas en el crochet), montar la lana y jalar a través de dos de las vueltitas (quedan 2 vueltas en el crochet), montar la lana y jalas por dos (queda un punto en el crochet). Punto vareta hecho.

Es importante que entendamos lo que estamos haciendo para que podamos ver con claridad y saber en donde vamos a insertar el crochet en el siguiente punto.  El punto vareta es un punto crucial al momento de tejer proyectos completos y por eso espero que estas fotos sean lo suficientemente claras y fáciles de entender.

How to Crochet a Double Crochet Stitch (English Version)

Cómo Tejer en Crochet un Punto Vareta (Version Español)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I will be coming back soon with another basic stitch called Triple Crochet. Till then... Happy Crocheting!!!

See you soon


  1. Me encanta el punto vareta, pero tengo la duda en q punto vulvo a meter el crochet....gracias!!!!

    1. Hola Gina! he agregado algunas instrucciones por escrito y fotos para que puedas ver exactamente en donde va el siguiente punto. Gracias por seguir leyéndome!!!