Thursday, March 19, 2015

Crochet 101 - How to crochet a Slip Knot & Basic Chain?

Hi everyone! There's people that have been asking me for a rock bottom basic tutorial on how to start crocheting and that's how I came up with this little video in which I will show you how to make a Slip Knot (Sl Kn, this is the abbreviation that you will find in most patterns when it refers to this specific stich). The Slip Knot is the first stitch you put on your hook when starting a project. All projects start with a Slip Knot, and what makes it special and important is that it is a knot that slides which makes it useful when you want to crochet in the round. 
There are many ways to make a slip knot but I find this one the easiest one for me. 

Also I will show you how to make a Chain Stich (Ch). This one is the basic chain most projects start with a chain though not all of them, but I guess if you can't make a chain you can't really crochet, so...

I hope you enjoy watching it.
(If you can't see it here, click HERE for my Youtube link)


Our next tutorial will be covering two basic stitches, and these are the single crochet (sc) and a half double crochet (hdc).
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See ya soon!

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