Sunday, June 22, 2014

Non stop for 2 weeks

This two weeks have been nothing but hard work and it's been so much so that I absolutely forgot to post last week's recipe which is a delicious Peruvian recipe of a Lemon Meringue Pie, it will definitely be there but it will just have to wait a few more days until I get it ready.

I have been enjoying my brand new kitchen island, making all sorts of yummy stuff. Look at these beauties...

These are called Cake Pops!! it is nothing but yummy in a stick! I actually made them with left overs of  The One Cup, One Bowl, No Mess Chocolate Cake mixed with a little bit of butter cream and then coated in chocolate and the are ready. I think they are just gorgeous for kids parties, baby showers... I don't know anywhere, anytime really, they are absolutely delicious and the children and I had a great time making them. It's hard to tell if I enjoyed more watching their faces covered in chocolate or the actual pops.

Anyway, that was just one warm morning that we stayed inside because it was too hot outside, so I had to get creative.

When I was a little girl, my family used to gather together every Sunday at my grandparents house for lunch. The food there was so good... always, but the star dish, I mean the one I can still smell and taste when I dig into my childhood memories is the Roasted Chicken. It was usually served with white rice that had tiny pieces of noodles mixed in it and the softest and creamiest mash potatoes. The smell of that roast invaded the whole house and I can remember all the adults walking around the kitchen asking when was it going to be ready, just like a kid would.
Many times I have tried (unsuccessfully I must confess) to reproduce in my own home that unique taste of the Sunday Roasted Chicken. I either got it raw, chewy, too dry, or just not appealing to the eyes... I just didn't know what was I doing wrong, but like many things in life (specially in the kitchen) with a little bit of trial and error, (and a lot of patience from my fellow diners) I got it... here is the results...
That chicken came out awesome!! it was juicy, crispy, soft inside and very very tasty because of the filling and all the herbs that were making a bed for it, and it had the best taste of good old memories.
The men in the house have been working really hard this past two weeks and the results of that is an almost finished bathroom. I am so proud of them...

Hope to be posting more about the progress of our house.

This week I found myself with a little bit of time in my hands so I ventured to try to make something I have been putting aside for some time now,  I guess just because I was afraid to try it and find out that it was going to take me an awful long time or thought that the level of difficulty was to high... little did I know... I made cheese!!!
It is a very simple kind of cheese, but I am so proud that I did it, now the sky is the limit really, I found out that I can make lots of different cheeses of the creamy type just as easy as the one I made. I ended up with some sort of cream cheese. I made this one just plain because it was my first try, but I will definitely try one with herbs to see how that one comes out. Here is how it ended up... well, after a few bites...

Anyway, on a different side of crafts I have been learning for a while to make hair bows and ribbon things for girls and my latest accomplishment are this lovely head bands that are woven with ribbon and some ribbon flowers for it. They just look so girly and pretty. Here is a picture of the two models I made. Hope to keep making more colors, they are great to just give away to nieces and little girls.

Alright, now, last but not least, check out this gorgeous cake I made this week. It is a vanilla sponge, filled in the middle with Boston cream and strawberries, covered with whipped cream, decorated with fresh strawberries and a swirly chocolate ornament that I of course made as well.
The kids and the hubby loved it!!! I think it is not only the prettiest cake I have made but one of the yummiest ones too. Hope to post the recipe soon just in case you want to try it at home.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading what I have been up to and I hope to be posting that lemon pie recipe soon. See you soon.


  1. WOW!!!! You are just amazing!!!! You're really doing a GREAT job 'over there'... well across the bridge :) Heike

  2. Thank you!!! hope to have you guys over again soon!!!

    1. Would love to!!! :)